Is receiving Approval and Recognition important for you?

How important is it for you to receive Love, Approval and Recognition from others, like Family, Friends and Colleagues?
“When I’m not nice to them they will reject me, criticize me or even leave me”
How do you recognize this?
  • You might be scared and unsecure to be Rejected by others, this can mean your Family, Friends, Colleagues or other people who you know or who are close at heart
  • You are ambivalent about excisting Relationships, which can be your Love Relationship or common Relationships with others
  • Having the feeling you don’t Receive much or any Recognition
  • You are afraid for Criticism or to be Blamed for something
  • Being Jealous
  • You always like to add something on top of things like it’s never enough
  • Keep the peace for every price
  • Being afraid of what others might think or not think
  • Always tend to obey
  • Always meet deadlines
  • Always try to be Friendly
For example:
When you always say “Yes” while deep inside you rather would say “No” but otherwise you would feel guilty for saying No then you respond out of Rational Believe that you Always should be nice and kind.
So, how do you deal with this?
It’s very unrealistic to expect from you to make everyone  his way and always receive Love and Appreciation because of that.
The Most important person to receive Love from… You!
When people turn down your ideas you receive information about what doesn’t work and so you know how you can do better next time ;-).
Don’t take it too  much on board what people do or say. They all have their own Believes or Fears to deal with or to work on what makes them sometimes not be the nicest person at that moment.
It’s way more important what you Think and Feel about your own Ideas and Believes. It’s impossible to satisfy Everyone all the time.
It’s also a waste of Energy to try this as you will never be able to Achieve in this :-).
Of course, it’s always nice when you receive a nice feedback from Family, Friends or your Partner but when you strongly Believe in You, you don’t really need their Feedback as you are Mature enough to decide for Your Self and what is good for You.
Rise Up and Follow your Own Ideas!
Angelique ღ , Life Coach
Twitter: @Coach_Angelique

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