When Stuck in a Relationship

Stuck in Relationship
What do you do when you feel  Stuck in a Relationship? Do you still try to work things out (sometimes even when you know better) or will you try to figure out what the problem or source is and take action?
Maybe you’ve have been here before, just like me…..
I don’t know how you handled but I can tell you that I stayed way too long trying while deep inside I knew better already. Is it just a way of being stubborn or is it because you still have that little tiny bit of Hope that it might turn out well again…… ( yes, right) ;-)
Afterwards I think, and know now, that I should do things differently. As I had the Choice and the Opportunity to handle sooner than I actually did.
And the worst things of all of it was that things gone more bad, worse than it already was. The irritation got worse by the day, I got more and more annoyed even about little things what was normally never a big issue.
Until the day came that I Just couldn’t handle it anymore, I needed to Leave or better to Escape out of there. It became unbearable for me to stay there any longer. I was full of Stress, Emotions, Nervous, Angry ( mostly about myself) and Sadness as well.
At that point it was already Way to Far…..I shouldn’t have let it come this far…..Bút, I came into action and in no time I managed to get out, find a place of my own and I could fall back into Peace and Relaxation again. Which obviously did cost me some time as your body needs to recover sort of from all the Stress and Tension that was there for way to long!
Now, a couple of years later I know and I advice as well towards others to cut things short as soon as you Know and Feel deep inside that the time in the Relationship is Over and Done with…..that it will never Heal again or turn back to how it used to Be.
Of course, when you still believe there is a change, even the slightest, that it can work out again you need to fight for it!
But sometimes…..You just Know.
So, what do you do when You Know and you have a Big Urge to Escape?
Well first of All…..you have to be in agreement with Your Self, you have to Be sure that This is what you want to do and that you are Ready to move on.
One of the most important things is, Never leave out of a current Relationship because of Someone else. When you’ve met someone else and you like to live your Life further with that other person, that’s okay. But find out the Real Reason why you did fall in Love with someone else in the first place. Obviously there was already a lack in the Relationship or some kind of Unhappiness. When you’re only reason would be “for someone else” there is a change of big dissapointment or regret when the “new relationship” might not turn out that great and it ends.
Once you Know the True Reason why you want to get out it’s the best thing to talk with your Partner. Be very Honest about everything, how you Feel, how you experience the Relationship and for how long you already not Happy anymore. Important here is not to start Blaming each other, that doesn’t make sense and it often turns out in a fight or argument, and that’s not worth it. Best thing is if you can leave the Relationship gracefully, altought there might be a lot of sadness and maybe anger involved by your partner.
As long as you can talk and explain in an easy and quiet conversation it’s the best condition to arrange it together.
Of course, it’s not always like this when your partner might totally flip out and tries to start a fight with you. In this case the best thing to do is to say that you like to talk later on when the emotions are under control again and take distance for that moment.
When you stick too long in an “unwanted” Relationship it costs you a Lot of Energy. You can feel that it drains you, it makes you feeling out of Balance, Nervous, Angry, Emotional and your head is Full of thought running through your Head and taking over Everything.
Believe me, you DO know when the time has come for you that you want or need to move on.
I know that “Others” always expect you to stay with your Partner or Husband as you are in a serious Commitment. But what if you are not Happy anymore? Do you really Need to stay in there no matter what? Even when it breaks your own Life down more or less?
Remember this…..sometimes we meet people in our Lives because we need to Learn things. Once we have Learned those people might easily dissapear out of our Lives again. It’s just the way it goes. Sometimes we meet the right Partner straight away but sometimes it takes up to a few Relationships before we meet the “right” one. The good part of ending a Relationship is that there was Always a Lesson in there….believe it or not but it’s the way it works.
I’ve been there as well, just like You or a lot of other people. And when I think back I can find in every former Relationship something I needed to learn. If you start to be Aware of that you will recognize it ;-).
So short to say……When you Truly Believe or Know that your Relationship has a chance to survive and heal, Fight for It!
When you Truly Believe or Know it won’t work out for you anymore, Don’t waste to much time about it and take action! Always try to solve it in a Peaceful way even though your Partner of other people around it try to take you down, keep in Peace and send Love from your Heart to your Partner and others who are involved to help them Heal their situation.
Remember, you Did have good times as well with your Partner  ( well, at least in most relationships it is ), so it’s okay to keep those nice memories and Still try to See Love in that Person. Sometimes you Grow more or faster in your Personal Development than he or she does, and so it can Be Time for you to move on.
It’s always the Best if you can arrange and sort out things in a still Friendly matter, but I also know that it’s not always possible that way as there is Always Two involved in this situation.
For Your Self, Be as Good as you can Be towards your Opposite, have the Best Intentions to solve it in a Peaceful Way.
At least you show some great Character, the Opposite needs to deal with his/her Own Feelings and Emotions as well, you can’t help them with that, that’s a part of their Journey as well ;-).
When you have questions about this or you need someone to talk to or you can use some support, you can Always turn to a Life Coach :-).
Feel Free and don’t Hestitate!
Angelique ღ

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