What is a Life Purpose?

You probably heard before about “Life Purpose”. But What is Life Purpose actually and How do you know Yours?
To say it in short terms, Life Purpose it something you are Meant to be doing in your Life. Which refers to doing something in your Life what makes you Really Happy and where money is not the First or Biggest reason for doing it.
When you want to find out What your Life Purpose is, you need to start thinking about What you Really would Love doing when you had the Opportunity to do so.
Don’t think about money but Feel with your Heart.
Is it something you already dreamed of since you were a kid or is it something that got your interest later on in Life? Or maybe it’s something that has been sort of in the background all along.
Your Life Purpose is also most of the time something that Really fits You, your Character, your Personality and your Skills.
And most important, it fits totally to something you Love doing!
You don’t have to particulary find your Life Purpose in your Job, it’s also possible that you find it in something you do in your spare time, like volunteer work for example or Creative “work” you do for Your Self or for others.
But, it is Always something that you Really Love doing ;-). It’s a kind of a Soul Urge so to say.
So you can ask Your Self for example if you are Happy at the moment with what you do, in your job, as a hobby, as volunteer work….and if there is something from which you Feel you are Not completely Happy with, then try to find out what you need to change for Your Self to Be Happy with what you’re doing.
If it Is your job then try to find out what kind of job would Really fit you or would make you Really Happy.
What is your Dream what you like to Achieve?
It’s not always easy to find your Life Purpose, some people really struggle with that while in the meantime they are not Happy with how their Life is at the moment.
They feel that something needs to be changed but they don’t know exactly What or How.
This kind of confusion is normal as often there are a lot of other things involved as well. The care for a Family, Money, Secureness, Stability…..
A Life Coach can be of Great help when you struggle with things like this and can help you to discover your Life Purpose.
Together you can make a plan and set a goal to make it Reality. And believe me, nothing is Unreal here! No matter what your Life Purpose is, with the Best Intentions and the Best positive Attitude you can reach your Life Purpose as well.
For example, I know my Life Purpose is working as a Life Coach. Although I still have other work on the side as well, running a Cafe (which is a great place to meet and connect with new people ) I know that I Love to help other people!
It has always been a sort of Red Thread through my Life. In other jobs or situations people often came to me, naturally, to talk to me or release some tension from their Heart….only because they felt really comfortable talking to me, which is a Great compliment of course and for which I’m very Grateful still up to Today!
So I already had found my Life Purpose very soon. I didn’t work with my Life Purpose straight away but in the last couple of years I worked towards it and developed my skills.
So, what is your Life Purpose? Do you already Know or do you have a bit of an Idea about it? Or do you have no idea at all at the moment but you would like to find out?
In case you don’t know and you like to find out, feel free to contact me and I might be able to help you with this ;-). Even when you already know what your Life Purpose is or you might have an idea about it but don’t know how to get there or how to Create of Achieve it, I can help you with this as well :-).
Remember, the first Introduction session is always FREE of Charge, so nothing to lose!
Find your Life Purpose and become Truly Happy, Inside and Out!
Angelique ღ

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