The Smell of a Book

Smell of a book
The Smell of a Book…….I just LOVE it!
I know, lots of people, including myself as well, read a lot of books Digital these days…
But I have to be honest that I can still long for an ordinairy book :-)
I do have a tablet, smartphone, laptop and use Kindle or a Reader to read Ebooks but now and then I’m just “hungry” for an old fashion book ;-).
Especially on a really cloudy and rainy day I just LOVE to read, cuddle up underneath a blanket (not when it’s 30 degrees out there of course ), have a cup of tea and just Read.
Reading is for me also a kind of Coaching, it relaxes me, makes me feel comfortable, silence my mind from some daily things and it let my Imagination run which makes it even more fun!
What about you? Do you still read an ordinairy book sometimes? Do you like the Smell of a Book as well? As you can’t find That in an Ebook :-p .
Feel free to share your comments below this post as I’m very curious if you’re still a bit “old fashion” as well ;-).
I also like to hear from you What you read, and what reading does for you.
Do you still go to the Library sometimes, do you also buy books sometimes or only borrow them or only download Ebooks?
It’s great to have some interaction together so don’t be shy and share your thoughts and comments with Me and All the other Readers here :-).
Angelique ღ, Life Coach

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