You are in Control of your Own Life

There comes a Time in Life when you Walk Away from all the Drama and People who Create it.
There comes a Time when you just have enough of it and you make the Choice not to Keep Up any longer with it.
At this point it is Very Important to surround Your Self with People who make you Laugh, make you forget anything Bad and who make you Focus on the Good.
Those People share Positive Energy with you and so they are Worth to Receive your Positive Energy as well ;-).
Love the People who treat you Right as they Deserve to be Loved….  Pray for the one’s who Don’t as they might not even be Aware of it themselves.
Life is too short to be Unhappy and you have the Right to be Happy just like anybody else.
You just need to make the Choice yourself to turn around your Life to what is Good for You.
Falling Down is part of Life and a part of Learning, getting Back Up is Living and shows Inner Power!
Never let Your Self drag down by Others as they have no Right to do so and it’s Your Right not to Keep Up with that.
You have your Life, Others have their own Life to take care of, so Free yourself today and start Living!
Angelique ღ

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