How to deal with “Negative” People

Many people talk about avoiding Negative People. We all do or did.
When they come in our Personal Space we feel the urge to walk away and protect our own Positive Energy.
Which one way is good……
On the other hand, in my opinion when I started to think about it more deeply, “Negative people” need our help.
“Negative people” are negative because they think there is no other way beside the way they live and how their World looks like for them.
Some might even not be aware of their own attitude as they are dealing like this already for so long it became a natural habbit sort of.
But we should actually try to help them and show them the Positive side of Life and that things can be different and better when they realize to be more Positive and Receptive.
 “Negative People” can actually have a hart time with themselves as well… never know what they deal with in their own life at the moment.
So instead of avoiding them it would be way better to be Open and Positive towards them, even when it seems they don’t bother ;-).
Of course, sometimes you try to help someone and they just wave it away as they think you have a problem yourself or you are weird with your thoughts and your attitude. But that’s a “normal” reaction ;-)
And not évery time is a good time to try to deal with them, when it’s too hard or they are too stubborn, let it go for that moment and try it another time again.
The most important is that you leave a nice and friendly impression….believe me, they will remember it later and might even appreciate it :-).
But most of the time, in longterm, not from one day on the other, you might be able to turn their Negative point of view into a Positive point of view.
And when that happens, you did a major good job! You can even experience that they later on show Gratitute towards you, although most people won’t admit that you did something good for them. But that’s okay, you know it and it makes you Feel good as well.
A better World starts with yourself, but if we don’t do anything to help others who need it most it will take much more time to turn the World  like we want to see it.
And remember, those who need our help or not just the homeless, the sick and the poor but also the Ones with their eyes still closed ;-).
Let Your Sun radiant towards others and you will receive Much reflection back!
Angelique ღ

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