Have a Plan? Set a Goal!

Have a Plan - Set a Goal
The best way to develop yourself as a person is to seriously think about Where you want to Go and What you would like to Achieve on longterm.
We all have sometimes an idea or a plan to do something, make a change or create something new for ourselves.
But How often are we actually taking action and really Do something with it?
In most times it sticks to a plan or an idea, we dream and think about it but something is holding us back from taking action.
What is it that restricts us?
In a lot of examples it’s mostly Family or Friends who restricts us in developing ourselves. Only because when They think it’s a bad idea and they try to talk you out of it, you most of the time think “yes, they are probably right”.
They come with all kind of excuses or “negative” point why it’s better to let go of the idea, plan or dream.
But You have to think about this…….Will it harm them when you take action and realize your plan? Or is it just your own risk and excitement that “maybe” can be dissapointed when it fails?
Never….and I say it again, NEVER let yourself bumping of the path of your dreams….not by anyone!
Even when people have so to say “good intentions” to protect you from failing……and when you fail, then what? You are a Experience richer and you know maybe by then what you did not so well and how to do it better maybe a next time.
Actually, when you still set your mind on your Plan, idea or dream and you Do achieve than you can be proud and it shows a lot of guts!
Imagine that you have a really good Plan, at least, You think it’s an awsome idea…..and people break it down and you decide not to do it. Would you never wonder later how it would be maybe if you Would have continued with your plan?
Well…..I would! ;-)
I’ve been in a situation like this myself, many years ago.
But because I was So convinced about my idea and fully Trusted and Believed in myself I continued with my plan.
I managed to build up a business from a room in my house on the first floor to a business with 2 departments in different cities, including a wholesale store and an education centre.
So you can imagine what I would have been missing out if I would have listened to “others”. ;-)
If you have a Plan, Idea or Dream and You fully Believe in it and are Excited about it, Set a Goal and start Creating it!
Don’t wait till “the right opportunity” or the “right time” comes by……know….as then it might never happen either.
If you want to do it, do it now!
You don’t have to start Big…..just like me, take it with little steps and you might be surprised how it will develop :-)
You can Do it! So Go for it!
Angelique ღ

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