A Waste of Time……Really?

Waste of TimeDid you ever think a moment or period in your life was a waste of time?
Probably you did as we all did at least once ;-).
But actually…..Time is never really wasted.
You know why not?
As time goes by in our Life, good periods of time, bad periods of time, it all is part of Learning and Experience.
Of course, one of the first things we say when we for example stayed too long in a bad relationship that it was a wast of Time.
It was not a waste of Time as there is Alway something you can or have learned from that period of time.
For example, you would be much more careful to fall in love again with the same type of person. Or you would not let yourself treated anymore the way your former partner treated you, or you would do things different a next time yourself :-).
So if you truly think back to some particular period of time in your Life, can you still say it was a waste of Time?
You still can of course if you don’t want to put some effort in there to see what you have learned from it or what experience you had in that situation.
Main thing is, if you are really true to yourself and really focus back on those “bad times” you will Always find at least 1 point what you have learned from it ;-).
I wrote an article before about making Choices, so to come back on that for a bit you could say when you made a wrong Choice in your Life, afterwards it could have been a waste of Time. But again, we make Choices for a reason as at That particular moment we think or feel it’s the right decision.
And if it later on turns out to be something not good and you decide for yourself it was maybe not such a good Choice, you can Always make the Choice to make a Change again. Learn from it and move on, actually, be Grateful for what you have learned from it :-)
To make it short……Be Grateful for All the Time you get, for All the Experiences good or bad and for All you Learned from it which helps you Grow in your Personal Development.
We are meant to Learn and Grow and yes, that comes with Ups and Downs, with Good and Bad experiences and also with “wasted Time”.
Remember, Wasted Time is only Wasted when you let it Be that way ;-).
Do stop Worrying….as THAT ís a Waste of Time :-p
Be Grateful!
Angelique ღ

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