Reflection of a Choice

Reflection of a Choice

Reflection of a Choice

We often don’t realize it, but the choices we make is what has brought us to where we are now and where it will bring us in the Future.
It is very important to make thoughful choices so it can lead you into the direction you want to go.
Of course, we all make choices sometimes for which we regret later….but, is it needed to regret it later?
Actually, when we made a “wrong” or “bad” choice it could have been a great choice after all!
As also from these choices we learn and we will be able to make such choice not again when a similar situation might come up.
With making choices it’s always very important to listen carefully to your Self, what do you Feel?
Thoughts can make things sometimes very complicated and the more you think about it the more you get in doubt.
But when you learn to listen more to your Feeling and Trust on it as well you will probably make much more the “right” choices.
It’s normal for most people that we use our “thinking” often above our “feeling”, but when you are able to learn to turn it the other way around you will see that it can change a lot.
And when you then start listening to your Feeling it’s also important to put trust in it, otherwise your thoughts come up again and will bring you in doubt ;-).
Remember, what choices you ever make they are never really wrong or bad even it might seem so afterwards. Try to learn out of it and to understand why you made that choice in the first place and if you should do it again when you have to make the same choice over again.
Choices made in the Past have brought you to where you are now. Are you Happy and Satisfied where you are now? Or if you could turn back time you would make a different choice?
It is never too late to change things around, you Always have a Choice!
You had choices in your Past and you have Choices now.
When you rather would choose for another direction in your Life or a completely different Life, then make the Choice and make the Change!
Think about this…… ;-)
Angelique ღ

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